“Deryayollary” Services of the Open Joint Stock Company:


leasing services

Turkmenabat application department.

Water transport services

To carry out various water transport services across the Amu Darya River, i.e. by river vessels to other government enterprises, the population, to transport the national cargo through the Amu Darya, the Karakumdarya, to deepen the sludge through the suction pumps, to facilitate transit, and to carry out cross-border transit.

Water transport services

The Pelvert-Mekan LNG was adopted and commissioned on the basis of Decree No. 2 of the State Admissions Committee on the Acceptance of Completed Facilities, established by the Decree of the Governor of Lebap Province No. 190 B of November 14, 2017. The Pelvert-Mekan LNG has been secured on foot and by various means of transport. Located between Halach and Hojambaz districts, this magnificent floodplain crossroads plays an important role in serving the population, transporting the economy, construction and other goods at the state level.

Water transport services

“WATAN” cruises are scheduled for March-November in the reservoir according to orders by passenger ship.

River sand

“Deryayollary” Use of Turkmenabat by Open Joint Stock Company deepening in the sand depot of the department, as a result of the orientation work, the accumulated river sand to other institutions, entrepreneurs, private enterprises, to transport the population to any part of the country by rail we have opportunities. A car near the border of Turkmenabat delivery services through.

Construction and brick team.

Brick Production of Construction and Brick Group

Construction companies, entrepreneurs, the population have the opportunity to carry out repair and maintenance work in accordance with the orders, and to build up to 5 floors of housing. For the construction and bricklaying of bricks, the soil accumulated from the excavation of dams within the sowing areas of the farmers' associations of the districts for brick production is used as raw material and the production of ceramic bricks is carried out, on orders to the enterprises, to the enterprises, to the enterprises.

Ship Repair and Shipbuilding Production Department

"Deryayollary”Ship Repair and Shipbuilding Production of Open Joint Stock Company

"Deryayollary” of the Open Joint Stock Company In the shipbuilding and shipbuilding production department, by order of other enterprises, private enterprises and the population, iron construction products, sewers, agricultural implements (hearth, elephant, fork, etc.), various types of iron for construction is made. list, strip, and cold-rolled software products are manufactured to varying sizes. Light and major repairs are being carried out on ships, Labik, pumpers and aircraft. Capable of building small boats, 4-seater boats, mud pumps.